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Intervju med Bobby Kimball, Toto

Bobby Kimball (född Robert Toteaux) är enligt mig en av världens bästa sångare och har så varit sedan Totos självbetitlade debutplatta som kom 1978. Rösten är full av själ, känsla, timing och han har dessutom ett omfång i sin röst som heter duga. Att ge sig på låtar som tex. Girl Goodbye, Hold The Line och Rosanna, kräver extremt väloljade stämband och jag vet flera artister som skakat uppgivet på huvudet när dom försökt och kommit till dom ljusare sångstämmorna i respektive låt.

Nu är det inte bara ljust Bobby Kimball kan sjunga, utan som jag skrev även med en enastående känsla och själ. Det är just detta som jag tycker skiljer proffs från amatörer, att ha något att förmedla och att göra det så övertygande som Bobby gör.

Efter min recension av Toto – Falling In Between Live, fick jag idén att försöka få till stånd en intervju med Mr Kimball. Till min stora glädje accepterade han och visade sig dessutom vara mycket öppenhjärtlig i sina svar. Här följer intervjun:

Intervju med Bobby Kimball, Toto

* You have been touring for more than two years now. Is it still fun to play live?
- I'm having more fun than ever right now. It seems things get easier with more experience, and we all have about as much experience as any musician usually gets. The shows seem to flow like silk, and the live jams onstage during a performance are amongst the best I've ever heard.

I do love the studio, because you get as many shots at getting it right as you wish, however, playing live is the very thing that gives you instant feedback from the people, so I would have to say that it's my favorite.

* You all seem to have a really good time in the Falling In Between Live concert. I guess you enjoy playing together?
- I think you could compare it to a really great car. If you put "cheap car parts" in a Ferra, you can't expect it to perform as one. We have some of the "best of the best" players and singers in this band, and it's not acceptable, in Toto, to drop the level of players and still call it Toto.

Even in the midst of some major changes in personel, we've maintained the quality of players,and the songs remain the same (in most cases). We have changed how we do some of the material, but they're still played with stellar performances from the musicians.

Intervju med Bobby Kimball, Toto

* The sound and picture quality is very good. Do you know if the concert will be released on Blu-ray?
- I'm certain I heard that mentioned. We bought Simon Phillips a Blu-Ray player for his birthday last year, so this is what nudges that thought. Simon is one of the big reasons the CDs, DVDs, and most things we do turn out so well. He's a master in the studio, and plays a very big role in how the band sounds on different media platforms.

* Let's talk a little about you. How do you keep your voice in good shape when you are touring?
- First and foremost, I get as much rest as possible on the road. It's one of the most important things you can do to keep your voice in shape. The other things are, ....not drinking alcohol on a gig night or at all,.....drinking a lot of water, using things like "Thayer's Dry Moust Spray" to keep my vocal cords wet, and basically keeping my throat in good condition for the next night's performance.

I find there's nothing worse than being hoarse in front of a band that plays this well. I dedicate myself to the theory of keeping my voice in shape and doing the very best I can for them, not to mention the audience.

On the other hand, there's nothing better than bringing great vocals to the stage with this band. It's very well-oiled machine and deserves the best I can give it.

Intervju med Bobby Kimball, Toto

* As I understand you are working on a new solo album. Can you tell the Component readers a little about it?
- I've had very little time to advance my recording until the end of this leg of the Toto tour. I'm working with Jason Scheff (Lead singer with the band "Chicago") as my co-producer/co-writer. I have a lot of material for this CD, and I've been waiting a long time to do some of these songs. I've always held the fact that great songs make a great CD. You can't just throw a batch of songs on a CD and think it's going to turn out to be a classic CD, no matter what players you use.

You have to give it all the forethought possible, and it then has a chance of becoming well remembered for years to come. Some of the songs I'm looking at doing have been in the works for well over 20 years. As I finalize them, they will now become a reality for me finally. It's exciting to even be talking about releasing these songs.

Many of the songs are my life-story. Things that happened to me on this journey were kept in the "mental vault" and now I can finally tell that story. I can't really say when it will be finished, but this CD will be more of what I like to do than anything I've ever done.

* This year Toto celebrates it's 30th anniversary. (Congratulations by the way) Do you have any special plans for the anniversary?
- I think the band, after a 2.5 year tour, is going to take an extended break. I'm almost certain, at some point, Toto will raise it's head again and celebrate our past successes, but for the time being, we're all working on solo projects, and solo tours. We'll make that decision as we make all of our it by ear. I'm really looking forward to our next outing as soon as possible.

* Finally. You released the Falling In Between album in 2006. When can we expect a new Toto studio album?
- Please refer to the above answer. Whenever we're all together again, we can plan that strategy to record. It will be a crowning moment, I'm certain.
Thank you for your great questions.

Thank you very much Mr. Kimball and the best of luck to you and the Toto camp.

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